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The NTN Partnership were employed by Bedfordshire Shared Services as Employer’s Representative on this landmark project.

Front Elevation: viewed from right

Giving the appearance of a new up-market infill building, the new walk-in centre was in fact a system built 1960’s block that was clad in heavy grey concrete. It has been converted into an eye catching building that sets an impressive standard for this type of building.


Front Elevation: viewed from leftLarger than most of the other 43 walk-in centres in England it is a four storey 943 m² building just off the main shopping street in Luton. The conversion work has produced a smart efficient looking modern shop front incorporating a clear phased double storey “shop window”. It raises straight from the pavement edge in five large single storey panels of clear glazing one of which is the main entrance. This leads into the airy welcoming waiting room with a reception desk at one side. Behind this are the assessment and treatment rooms. The upper floors are accessed by stairs and a glazed lift. On the first floor are the medical services whilst the second floor accommodates the counselling and meeting rooms.

The top floor houses the staff offices, changing rooms and the local NHS Direct telephone advice service.


(Pictures courtesy of David Morley Architects)



Luton Teaching Primary Care Trust

Bedfordshire Shared Services


Employers Representative:

The NTN Partnership


David Morley Architects

Quantity Surveyor:

Davis Langdon

Structural Engineer:

Price & Myers

Services Consultant:

Jenks Associates


Crispin & Borst


£2.3 m